2019 College Captain and Prefect Speeches – A Snapshot!


"Throughout my four years at the College, I have observed the previous and current leaders with great admiration, whilst being inspired to commit to the College and demonstrate the values and morals of compassion and service; the values that Mary MacKillop has passed onto us. I believe that every MacKillop girl should have an equal voice, experience the same opportunities and gain their own confidence to believe in themselves and thrive tremendously.  My aim is to create cohesion and respect throughout all year levels and to promote this culture of inclusiveness to our new Year 7 cohort, so they too can build confidence".

“I base my speech on a song that we all know– Mary’s Vision.  “She had a vision” - As a College Captain, I will endeavour to follow in the footsteps of Mary MacKillop by never seeing a need without doing something about it and making service my number one priority.  “To give us hope and courage, and rid us of our fears” – As your College Captain, I would hope to contribute to our sense of hope and courage. You can rest assured that I will always be here to offer support and be a friend to all”. 

“I have a dream to connect our whole school together and enable MacKillop girls to feel confident and empowered in everything they set their mind to as one of your 2019 prefects following in the footsteps of Mary MacKillop”.

“I’m here to listen

I’m here to support you

But most importantly

Be efficient in everything that I do

In omnibus caritas

Our school logo reads

Is how I’ll proceed

If I get prefect

I promise to be

While still being me”

“I am as reliable as Allan is when MacKillop girls run out of printing money.
My caring personality is constantly present, like Mrs Del Corso when stage one English just isn’t going your way.
I’m enthusiastic as Ms Penna’s dance moves on feast day.
I am helpful like Vera when you simply can’t find your own MacKillop ribbon.
My commitment is as strong as Mrs Matthews love for the MMC canteen.
And lastly, my passion for the College is like Mary MacKillop’s love and compassion for those around her”.

“I want to be able to help students particularly in the younger years, to grow their confidence and to feel at home at Mary MacKillop College, as I have”.

“Mary MacKillop once said, “we must teach more by example than word.” I strongly believe that Mary MacKillop College is a place of warmth, welcoming and hospitality where we are all advocates of Mary’s vision, and all have the power to make a difference.  My vision is to ensure that every student in the college community feels as though that they have a place in our school.  To follow in Mary’s footsteps and live out her vision”.

“Being a leader means having resilience, courage, communication and most importantly, commitment.  Being a part of the SLT team means making a commitment to myself, my fellow students and the school”.

“Since starting my journey at Mary MacKillop, I have not only grown as an individual, but as a leader within the school community.  I have gathered an understanding on what it means to be a true MacKillop girls, and I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given since starting here”.

“I would like us all to look back on our Mary MacKillop College journey from Year 8 until Year 11.  Throughout this time, many inspirational student leaders have helped shape us into kind young women and I aspire to do the same as a prefect next year in 2019”.

“With all I have to say, consider me as an Instagram account, where you will be able to…Find me, connect with me, provide ideas and comments, post ideas, share thoughts and snap shot experiences”.

“If voted for prefect I can assure you one thing, I will be the Hilary Clinton not the Trump.  I will not be building walls between year levels but instead plan to unite and create further social cohesion between our MacKillop community”.

“I personally believe a good leader has ambition to leave behind a legacy that inspires their community to make a difference”.

“Leadership is a trait that can only be demonstrated through actions.  Mary MacKillop is an excellent example.  She didn’t talk about what an excellent leader she was, she demonstrated it by standing up for her beliefs and following her vision”.

(To the tune of Spice Girls Wanna Be)
“So, here’s a story for MMC
I wanna be a prefect for 2019
You got the perfect role model in front of your face
I won’t let you down, I won’t be a disgrace
This role doesn’t come for free
But it’s my destiny”

“I will encourage and motivate fellow students

With hope, love, compassion and prudence”

“Being a leader of the school is not a title but an action.  It is not about yourself or about power.  It is about creating a vision for the future, motivating and inspiring your peers along with younger years”.

“So here is short recipe that to me creates a true leader.


  • 2 cups of commitment and passion
  • 1 cup of creativity and innovation
  • 250mls of support for the wider community
  • 1 and half cups of inspiration
  • 1 litre of communication between all
  • 4 tbls of respect for every individual
  • 3 cups of positivity, devotion and resilience


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and bake with care.  Sprinkle with love and carefully present final product appreciating the leader that you have personally created for all to enjoy.

Serves the whole community”.