From the Deputy Principal


This morning, three significant events took place simultaneously; Year 5 girls arrived from neighbouring schools for our Come ‘n’ Try MacKillop Day; the Year 10 and 11 students gathered in the gym to hear Prefect speeches; and the Year 12 students gathered for the Principal’s Breakfast. Each event marks a significant time in the life of a MacKillop girl.  As the Year 5 girls gathered to explore the College, 16 Year 11 girls stood in front of their peers, expressing their desire to lead the College, and the Year 12 girls – small as they are in number – sat with lifelong friends over breakfast, offering thanks for their five years of learning, growing and discovering.  Each event had its own meaning and we delighted in moving from one group to the other, enjoying that particular stage of their MacKillop journey.  These are moments to be treasured. The Year 12 Principal’s Breakfast is held as a ‘thank you’ from the Principal to the girls. It is a time to acknowledge their commitment to their learning in this their final year at the College. Over the past two weeks, the process for electing the 2019 Student Leadership Team (SLT) has unfolded. In doing so, I have found myself reflecting on the 2018 SLT. Led by College Captains Izabella and Mini, this group of 14 girls have played a significant role in leading the College community. They have achieved so much and their legacy is rich. In particular, I draw your attention to the significant fundraising achieved by the leadership of 2018 SLT. Over $6000 was raised for various charities. I take this opportunity to thank the 2018 SLT for their dedication, commitment, drive and energy in leading the MacKillop community. I hope they continue to inspire those around them and we are grateful for their generous leadership. 

Next week our annual Music Night will be held in the College gymnasium. This is always a fabulous night and we look forward to all that will be on show. Tickets are still available on Trybooking. To book, please visit: I remind families that our Sports Evening is set for Tuesday 16 October and tickets are also available for purchase via Trybooking. To book, please visit:

On a more practical note, I remind all parents about driver safety. From time to time, I notice parents not following the road rules during drop off and pick-up. In particular, I ask parents to be respectful of our neighbours who need access to their homes and driveways. All parents are asked to follow the road rules, including speed limits and parking.

As the season of spring joins us, I hope the days find you enjoying the sights and sounds of the natural world.


Helen Steele
Deputy Principal