APEX Australia Teenage Fashion & Arts Youth Festival 2018


On Sunday 19 August, two Mary MacKillop College students participated in the APEX Australia Teenage Fashion Arts Festival, held at Scotch College. Year 8 students, Adriana and Daniella, confidently modelled their own designs in this glamorous event alongside many competitors from a variety of South Australian secondary schools. The students began designing their garments in early 2018 and independently persisted to paint, sew and sequin their gowns throughout Terms 1 and 2 to be ready for the competition in Term 3.

Daniella hand painted and hand stitched her ‘Wearable Art’ category entry, which was inspired by Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Adriana’s dazzling pink sequined gown was entered under the ‘Formal Wear’ category and was not only judged for its appearance, but its technical proficiency.

Their talent and courage is to be commended and I encourage these students, as well as any student who is interested, to enter in the 2019 competition.

It is an exciting experience and a wonderful event that showcases young people’s imaginative ideas and skills in fashion design. We look forward to seeing next year’s entries!


Linda De Blasio & Romina Penna
Art & Design Teachers