From the Principal


Thank you to the Parents & Friends for their hard work and commitment in making the Quiz Night a brilliant success. It may have been a cold night due to our temperamental gas heaters – for your information, they worked perfectly on Monday – however, the room was filled with a warm and generous spirit. Hopefully this will be an annual event on the College calendar.

As we begin our Student Leadership selection process for 2019, we pause and consider what our definition of leadership is. I would also like to use this opportunity to thank the current Student Leadership Team. Their hard work and dedication to leading the student body has been greatly appreciated. Recent events in Canberra give real cause for concern. Our leadership selection process at the College looks far more rigorous than how leaders are selected in Canberra. We now have a new Education Minister, and while there has been much focus on funding, I hope that our elected representatives do not forget that we are in the business of teaching and learning, of developing children and young people and ensuring that teaching is an attractive profession for young people. We need to ask questions about the amount of funding for education, and there needs to be transparency about how that funding is spent.

It was Linda Darling Hammond who said that Teaching is the profession on which all other professions depend. She notes that countries that do well in education take care of children. That means they have a home to live in and food to eat. When you are asked to vote for more money in your pocket then I wonder who gets less.

Next week, on our Staff Reflection Day, we will head into the hills and explore Macclesfield. We will visit the Church of St James the Less and find out a little bit more about our Josephite story through the Sisters who lived and worked in this region. Those Sisters didn’t work for large salaries or for fame. They worked tirelessly for those who needed assistance and support.


Kath McGuigan