Year 10 Charity Run


Year 10 Students Run for the Adelaide Day Centre for Homeless Persons

The Charity Run took place on Thursday 2 August. Students in Year 10 Red, Blue and Green, decided to collect donations from family and friends to support our chosen charity, the Adelaide Day Centre for Homeless Persons. The Adelaide Day Centre support the homeless community by providing shelter, food, and clothing through donations and volunteer work of the generous people of South Australia. Winter is an especially difficult time for these members of society so organisations such as the Day Centre need the extra support.

On the morning of the Charity Run, the Year 10 corridor was filled with enthusiastic students who were readily awaiting the bell at 8.46am. The cohort gathered on the oval while the procedure for the run was explained. Five members of each class ran at a time, wearing designated sashes for their class. When they completed a lap, they were handed a Popsicle stick from our Year 11 helpers. Students either continued running or swapped with a fellow class member. When not running, students gathered underneath their tents and cheered and encouraged their classmates. The total amount raised for the Adelaide Day Centre was an amazing $1005.09!

Congratulations to all Year 10 students and the generous people who supported them.  We know there will be a lot of people in need this winter who will benefit from your generosity.

Year 10 SRC