From the Religious Education Coordinator


Mary MacKillop Feast Day Mass on Friday 10 August

On Friday 10 August, the College celebrated the Feast Day of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop by gathering together to celebrate a Mass in her honour. The theme of the Mass was “Mary MacKillop – A Woman of Justice”. Mary MacKillop was devoted to the service of the poor. As Sr Mary Cresp expressed in her reflection, “There is something in us that wants what is good for the whole of society – the common good. I know you girls do wonderful things all year round for disadvantaged people. You, and many people everywhere are doing something positive to make Australia a better place. You want what is good for others. We call this social justice”.

Sr Mary Cresp continues, “Because Mary MacKillop had a heart that was shaped by love of Jesus, God was able to act through her to make God’s kingdom of justice visible in her time“. She also reflected on how Social Justice principles learnt at Catholic Schools influence students in their lives. She said, “One of our Sisters asked young married couples what they value most now, from having been in a Catholic school.  Every one of them said that the Social Justice principles they learnt there have had a profound influence on their lives. One said, “Viewing political, social and economic issues through the lens of the social justice principles I was taught at my Catholic school followed me through my tertiary education and into my career path. My Catholic education, specifically social justice principles, have remained embedded in my moral compass and this I highly value”.

Through the words and actions of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, we will continue to strive to bring about justice, showing acts of kindness and respect for all people.



Year 9 Retreat “In the footsteps of Mary MacKillop…in Adelaide”

In Week 2, the Year 9 students participated in a Retreat where they visited various sites in Adelaide which have great significance to Mary MacKillop. Our pilgrimage began in St Mary’s Chapel in Port Adelaide, where Mary MacKillop was first presented to the congregation as a Sister of St Joseph. Following this site, we travelled to the Old Adelaide Gaol where students heard stories of how Mary MacKillop and the Josephite Sisters would often visit the prisoners at the Gaol and had an influence over them that no other agency could command. The Josephite Sisters helped to reform prisoners and deter them from a life of crime by opening Houses of Refuge and Providence. The students enjoyed lunch at Bonython Park and then travelled to St Mary’s Chapel in Franklin St, where Mary MacKillop was excommunicated.


Year 11 Retreat

On Thursday 30 August, the Year 11 students will participate in a one day Retreat in at the Monastery, Glen Osmond. They will learn more about themselves and Jesus as their friend. The Retreat will be facilitated by the YMT team from Wollongong.


Adriana Sotira
Religious Education Coordinator