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Visual Art and Design Semester 1 Wrap Up


Please enjoy the gallery of images below showcasing some of the work completed throughout Semester 1 by Mary MacKillop College Art and Design students.

Featured are some examples of the Year 8’s line and texture drawings and Ancient Greek inspired ceramics. Also included are some examples of the Year 9’s Ming Dynasty Vases and floral colour and pattern drawings. Sketches by the talented Year 9 Art student, Madeleine, have also been included in this gallery. Shown below are some of the Year 10’s fashion designs, 3D Masters Paintings and fauve lino prints. Year 10 students studied the Impressionists and had the unique opportunity to attend an excursion to the Art Gallery of SA to see the paintings they studied in the Colours of Impressionism. You may see some of the Year 11’s designs. They created their dream rooms! Lastly, the Year 11 and 12 students gained inspiration at the SACE Art Show.

We are looking forward to the Year 12 Art Show in Term 4.

Recently, art educators investigated ways to incorporate STEM within Visual Arts teaching and learning through professional development provided by the Art Gallery of SA, the South Australian Museum and the Botanic Gardens.


Linda Di Blasio & Romina Penna
Art and Design Teachers