From the Principal


Welcome back to Term 3. I hope that everyone had a restful break. It is the last full term for the Class of 2018!

We welcome Alexandra Campbell-Wilson, who is replacing Joe Alvaro while he is on leave.

We are delighted to see that we finally have a school crossing on High Street. More cars seem to be passing through High Street and many of the drivers travel a bit too fast, forgetting the road rules. Hopefully we will see a change in behaviour in the coming weeks.

We are getting ready for JJAMM week and our Feast Day celebrations on Friday 10 August. Our Year 12 student leaders are busy preparing for this annual week of fun and festivity. During the week, we will post photos of all activities to Facebook.

Our Year 9 Rite Journey Program has been in place over the last 18 months and it is an excellent program. I invite you to visit the website of the program. There are many interesting articles which I am sure will provide information and promote discussion with your daughters.

I am very pleased to report that our Year 12 cohort has achieved excellent results in the Stage 2 Research Project. Twelve of our students received an A+ in their Research Project. This number represents 27% of our Year 12 cohort. I am very proud of all our students who have passed this subject and can now use the extra time to devote to their other studies. I would also like to congratulate out Research Project teachers who prepare, plan and collaborate together to support our students.


Kath McGuigan