From the Deputy Principal


Last week, we celebrated academic excellence and commitment to our school community at the Awards Assembly.  Approximately 50 students were acknowledged at this assembly, each one coming forward to receive their certificate, proud of their efforts and their contribution. Award assemblies and ceremonies take place in all schools and educational institutions. They are an opportunity to celebrate success, achievement and hard work. They have also been the source of inspiration for those who sit in the audience. The Awards Assembly not only showcased our award recipients, but also outstanding musical talent from Year 10 Maddie on the piano, student leadership from the Year 10 and 11 SRC girls and a call to action from the Student Leadership Team. We were also inspired by the words from our Principal, who talked about the courage and resilience demonstrated by the leadership of Gail Kelly, former CEO of Westpac. Congratulations to all students on their success – may we all be inspired by the good work and success of others. 

We returned to Term 3 to be greeted by the presence of a school crossing. There was much celebration as we now have a safe place for the girls to cross during that very busy few minutes at the beginning and end of each day. The crossing has also moderated the speed of motorists in this area. I take this opportunity to remind all drivers to obey the road rules outside of a school zone. For further information about school crossing road rules please click here.

School TV this month looks at body image. Parents are encouraged to have a look at the very valuable information shared by experts in the field. Please click here to view on our website. In addition, I note the ABC show 'You Can't Ask That!' featured the issue of eating disorders. I believe this can be viewed on iview.

Our school calendar is full in Term 3. I draw your attention to important events including the P&F Quiz Night, JJAMM Week (Week 3), Feast Day Mass (August 10), Subject Counselling and Year 7 Winter Transition Day

Last week, I had the great delight of standing at the bus stop on the Parade with our students as they waited to go home. We chatted away about homework, weekend plans and the joys of public transport. As the girls got on the bus and we waved goodbye, the bus driver called out to me and said, “Your students are good students… very good students”. I thanked him, knowing exactly what he meant by those words; polite, friendly and well behaved. I am guessing that you can imagine my pride as I watched the bus take off. MacKillop girls are taught every day the values of respect, courtesy and kindness. This happens by the way in which our staff interact with the girls and they in return. A particular attribute that MacKillop girls have is the habitual and genuine way in which they offer gratitude.  At the end of lessons, you can so often hear the girls saying thank you to their teachers.  They have learnt this behaviour from the adults in their lives and I thank you for teaching your daughters politeness, good manners, gratitude and kindness. It certainly makes for working at Mary MacKillop College a great joy.

May the cool days find you wrapped in the good company of your daughters.


Helen Steele
Deputy Principal