From the Sports Co-ordinator


Mary MacKillop students will once again be waking up early on Saturdays as we welcome back the second half of the Winter Sport season. Sixteen teams across netball, soccer and badminton have represented the College in eight rounds of competition so far. With only four weeks to go until finals we are getting very excited about potential grand final wins. At present, six of the 16 teams representing the College each week are either in first or second place. Most of the remaining 10 teams are not too far off the top spots.

The Year 8 girls have continued to show a great deal of improvement. They head out each week determined to win and do their new school proud. Two of the Year 8 netball teams are currently occupying first and second place on the ladder. We wish these teams and their coaches all the best for the rest of the season. I hope they play to the best of their abilities.

The Year 9 netball teams under the leadership of Ms Sutton, Isabella, Dani, Angel, Elicia and Ashlee are performing exceptionally well. With three of the five Year 9 teams in first or second place, we expect Mary MacKillop College will be a force to be reckoned with, come finals times. The Year 10 MMC 1 team proved too successful in the B1 grade and have now been regraded into the A grade. Well done MMC 1. Year 10 MMC 2 & MMC 3 have displayed great improvement in the second half of the season. We hope this can carry through to the finals. Finally, our senior netball team have had a difficult season in securing many wins, but they have kept their heads held high each week.

The senior soccer team consisting of students in Year 8 to 11 have shown great determination and resilience this season. Their efforts have rewarded them first place on the ladder.

The senior badminton teams, coached by Cassidy and Mrs Fragomeli, have faced some very challenging games this season but have continued to train hard, resulting in some great wins during the season.

We wish all students and coaches well for the remaining few weeks. We also take this opportunity to remind students about the importance of commitment to their team for both games and trainings each week. Commitment to a team equals success.

Term 2 was very busy for the Knockout Sports Program with the following results:

Early in Term 2, the Year 10 Knockout Volleyball Team participated in Round 1 and won four of the five games. Unfortunately, they did not progress through to the state finals.
The Year 8/9 Netball Team had a convincing win over Mitcham Girls High School. They will progress through to Round 2.
The Year 10 Netball Team had a very close and challenging game against Kildare College. Unfortunately they fell just a few goals short in the end.
The Open Netball Team progressed through to Round 2 by the smallest of percentages over Kildare College and Thomas More College.
The Year 8/9 Soccer Team had a convincing win over St Francis de Sales College and a close win against Cornerstone. They too will progress to Round 2.
Unfortunately, the Open Soccer Team were not able to come away with a win in their Round 1 games against Pembroke School and Glenunga International High School.
The indoor soccer team recorded three wins, resulting in a playoff in the semi-finals in the group stage. However, they were unable to secure the win to progress further.
Late in Term 2, the badminton team played host to Wilderness School. While demonstrating excellent game play throughout the competition, Wilderness School proved to be too strong on the day, advancing through to Round 2.

The Knockout Sports Program continues this term with teams representing the College in Round 2 for Year 8/9 Soccer, Year 8/9 Netball and Open Netball, and Round 1 for Year 8/9 Knockout Basketball. Good luck girls for your upcoming games.


Kate Marks
Sports Co-ordinator