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Year 10 Drama Production


On Thursday 14 June, a drama showcase was held in the Mary MacKillop College Auditorium. The showcase featured both the Year 10 Drama Class and the Drama Club. The night started with the Year 10 students showing some of their class work in the style of Commedia dell’arte. The students focussed on a character each and performed semi-improvised scenes in small groups. These scenes included plenty of antics and mishaps as servants played tricks on masters by spilling food on them, stealing money and dressing as other characters.

The Drama Club followed this with a play called “The Accident”. This play is about a community theatre group trying to present a play when their costumes and props have been involved in a truck accident and half the troupe have not arrived. The result is a twisting storyline and actors pretending to be doors, telephones and chairs. However, it all ends well. Congratulations to the members of Drama Club who have never performed on stage before!

Lastly, the Year 10 students came back to perform the play, “Good Cop, Bad Cop”. It focusses on two detectives who are sent out by their erratic Chief of Police to find out why all of the town’s street signs are being switched around. Well done to Jasmine and Olivia who learned over 50 lines each and were on stage for the whole play.

I commend all of the students as they performed their best. There was a lot of laughter throughout the evening. Thank you to Mr Hughes and his Year 10 Music Specialist students, Amalia and Aoibh, who performed between each play, and the parents and friends who came to see the students perform.


Victoria Coxhill
Year 10 Drama Teacher & Drama Club Co-ordinator