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Rostrum Voice of Youth


Our involvement in the Rostrum Voice of Youth challenge spans more than 30 years. In this time, many a student has surprised herself, and others, with her oratory prowess. Producing worthy competitors, heat winners, semi-finalists, State champions and National champions, our young women are passionate, committed and highly engaging in their convictions and opinions.

On Saturday 12 May, Aditi (Year 8), Kiara (Year 9) and Georgia (Year 10) presented their prepared and impromptu speeches at Immanuel College. As three of 190 students participating, our young women each had a message to share. In the Junior heats, Aditi contended that to trivialize terrorism and find humour in its tragedy was “No Joking Matter”, while Kiara took the audience on a “Trip Back in Time” and proposed that many lessons could be learnt from iconic figures such as Wilfred Owen and Anne Frank. Georgia, in the Senior heat, spoke of individuals such as Mary MacKillop, Abigail Adams and Lisa Wilkinson who “Set the Wheels in Motion” for equality and justice for women. In their impromptu short notice speeches, each student had 15 minutes to craft and present a three minute speech on a surprise topic. All three used their life experiences and interests to address the topics presented, and gave an insight into who they were and what they valued.

From the 190 students participating in the metropolitan heats, 19 students were selected to participate in the Semi Final heats on Saturday 29 May. Kiara represented the College, and, again, was an outstanding ambassador.  Performing in a very strong heat, Kiara is to be commended on her performance, especially in her short notice presentation.

A sincere thank you to the students who undertook the challenge and stepped out of their comfort zone. Mrs Tatarelli and I look forward to seeing you next year and hopefully a few more students will come along and “talk the talk”.

A Reflection by Kiara

The Rostrum Voice of Youth Public Speaking Competition is a rewarding and engaging platform for young people across Australia to be involved. I thoroughly enjoyed not only presenting a prepared and short notice speech to a group of people, but also hearing what like-minded people had to say on diverse, or similar topics. Rostrum is also a fantastic way to improve writing and public speaking skills, and to build confidence. I definitely recommend the challenge.


Mini Del Corso
English Learning Area Leader