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From the Deputy Principal


Our newsletter this week brings much news from around the school. I trust that you will enjoy all that we share. The newsletter is now available in two formats: HTML Version via the link on the College website; and PDF via the Parent Portal on SEQTA.

As you know, we also have a Facebook page. To further share more news with our families, we have launched an Instagram page, @marymackillopcollege.

MacKillop girls have been involved in many opportunities over the past few weeks and this time of learning has been most engaging. Students have attended Retreats and excursions that have opened both their minds and their hearts. I delight each day in hearing the girls speak of their learning, their joys and their challenges.

To assist us as teachers, we have engaged with LeadLearn Consulting to conduct the Classroom Climate Questionnaire (CCQ). Perhaps your daughter shared with you that she completed this survey. Teachers have received feedback on their lessons and set goals as to how they will develop particular areas. As a result, staff meetings have been abuzz with conversation as we determine best practice. We are fortunate at Mary MacKillop College to have a collaborative staff who work conscientiously in order to bring out the best in our students. This, accompanied with the coaching of the LeadLearn Team, ensures that your daughters are exposed to quality learning experiences in the classroom and beyond.  

I bring to your attention a few practical but important reminders. As you may be aware, both Thornton and High Street are busy spots for about seven minutes each afternoon. In that time, we have a lot of cars that are all seeking the same thing, the closest carpark to the gate. I urge all drivers to please follow the road rules, avoid parking on the yellow lined area and resist the urge to double-park. It is important to respect the road rules and our neighbours. I ask all drivers to be considerate.

On another note, I remind the girls about wearing the College uniform correctly. We expect our girls to arrive to school in a neat and clean uniform every day. Students must have their hair up and wear the blazer to and from school. It is important to remember that when the girls attend Saturday sport they must also wear the College sports uniform properly. There should be no mixing with casual clothes when wearing the sports uniform. Girls must have their hair up and tidy. I thank you for your support in these matters.  

As the term unfolds, I ask families to put some important dates on the calendar. Least not of these is our Family Breakfast to be held on Friday June 8, 7.00am to 8.30am.  This will be led by the Student Leadership Team. We look forward to a morning of gathering with friends and raising funds for Catherine House.

As winter wraps her cool hands around us, may we find ourselves in the company of those who warm our hearts and inspire our minds.


Helen Steele
Deputy Principal