From the Religious Education Coordinator


Social Outreach - Project Compassion

Since the launch of Project Compassion, which took place in Term 1, students have enthusiastically made an active contribution by raising money to support Caritas International in assisting marginalised communities. This money was raised by organizing a variety of fundraising activities such as cake stalls, BBQ, raffles and the “Dance Battles” led by the Student Leadership Team, which will take place in Week 6.

The College community has given so generously to this cause. We have raised $2367.10 so far so that all people can have “a just future”. This has been a great opportunity to show compassion for others and demonstrate that by working together, as people of strong faith and justice, we can assist those in our world who are in need of support.

“Let us keep God with us by charity in thought, word and act.” (St Mary of the Cross MacKillop)


Celebrating our Faith

A significant part of celebrating our faith at Mary MacKillop College is to find time for prayer, reflection and personal development. Our Catholic tradition reminds us of the importance of discernment in our lives so as to bring ourselves present to God, who loves us and knows each one by name. Our retreat program aims to provide this opportunity.

On Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 May, the Year 10 Cohort was given the opportunity to spend time reflecting on Social Justice by visiting the various sites where works of charity are conducted. The places they visited were Centacare, St Vincent de Paul Men’s Night Shelter, Hutt Street Meal Centre for homeless people, Adelaide Day Centre in Moore St and Catherine House Women’s Shelter. The theme of the Retreat was “in the footsteps of Mary MacKillop…Social Justice in the City”.

On Thursday 25 May, the Year 8 students will focus on the life and work of St Mary of Cross MacKillop in Kensington. The students will be taken on a guided walk to locations associated with Mary MacKillop. Following this, they will visit the Parish Hall to participate in a variety of activities such as small group discussions, learning about their gifts and how they can use these to help others in their community. The Year 8 students will be led by some of the Year 11 Peer Support Leaders. The theme of the Year 8 Retreat is “in the footsteps of Mary MacKillop…in Kensington”.

“Find Happiness, in making Others Happy” (St Mary of the Cross MacKillop)


Adriana Sotira
Religious Education Coordinator