Year 9 Geography - Zoo Excursion


On Wednesday 2 May, Ms Ayliffe's Year 9 Green and Mrs Attwood's Year 9 Blue Geography classes embarked on an adventure to the Adelaide Zoo. These were the first classes to experience this opportunity, and we were all excited!

This excursion was fun. It gave us a better understanding of Biomes and Food Security. The Year 9 students were able to participate in two competitions. Students were challenged to capture the best photo of an animal. The second was a group activity. This involved students answering questions about orienteering. The group with the most correct answers won. These activities made the girls ever more eager to participate.                    

After being spilt into four groups, and provided a booklet, we journeyed our way around the Zoo and answered questions about the animals’ habitats. We learnt about threatened species, how different animals adapt to their environment, and enjoyed a fun activity of orienteering to further strengthen our knowledge of animals and the biomes they live in.

When the day came to an end, the girls were as tired as they were sad that it was time to go. This was a great experience for all of us and a fun and interactive way to learn.  If we were given the choice, we would all love to go back and experience it all again!


Suzie & Loredana
Year 9 Students