From the Deputy Principal


As the term comes to a close, let us take this time to offer thanks for all that has unfolded over the last 11 weeks. The list is endless and I encourage parents to reflect with their daughters on what they have appreciated, enjoyed or valued about being a MacKillop girl. Hopefully in your conversation, opportunities to offer gratitude arise; least not to you as parents and caregivers of our girls. 

On behalf of the College, we thank you for your ongoing commitment to your daughters’ education. School days are short in some respects, but the learning, formation and growth is significant.  We acknowledge that supporting your daughter in her learning takes patience, determination and understanding. Currently the Leadership Team are devouring the work of Pendergast, Main and Naha (2017). In their book, Teaching Middle Years: Rethinking curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, a whole chapter is devoted to parent and community engagement. In this chapter, they state parents are significant contributors to the learning experience of their children; “it is the engagement of parents in learning in the school and in the home that brings about positive changes in children’s academic attainment…” (p. 291). In our work with parents, we draw the greatest success for our girls through open, honest and positive conversations about learning.  With this in mind, I bring to your attention the Year 8-11 Parent Teacher Interviews to be held on Tuesday 1 May. 

Over the past three weeks, there has been much to celebrate at the College. In this newsletter you will get a glimpse into some of the events that have occurred, such as Holy Thursday Liturgy, St Capitanio Exchange Program and Good News Assembly, which included a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Our Year 12 students enjoyed their retreat, and we will have more news on this in the next newsletter.  

In the holidays, we will mark Anzac Day. Ms Martina O'Connell will take students to the Anzac Mass at the St Francis Xavier Cathedral, and no doubt families are marking this important day in their own homes.   

As the term concludes, I bring to your attention some practicalities as we prepare for Term 2.  Please take the time over the holidays to organise your daughter’s winter uniform. School shirts that have been worn for the last three or four years may need to be replaced. Winter dresses that were bought when your daughter was shorter than you, may need lengthening. Please remember your daughter will be required to wear her full winter uniform, including blazer on day one of Term 2.

The holidays are always that time allowed for schools to catch their breath, for parents to reacquaint themselves with their daughters, for daughters to read a great book, visit family and perhaps catch up on some study. I hope your holidays are gentle, filled with just a hint of adventure and wonder.


Helen Steele
Deputy Principal