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From the Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinator


Term 1 has been a rich, engaging and fun-filled few months for the Year 10 Cohort.

The Kensington Cup, named by competition winner, Mia, was introduced at the commencement of the school year. Throughout this term, the Year 10 students competed for the award, earning points in a variety of ways including Pastoral Care activities, fundraisers and student commendations. Each term, the points will be tallied and the winning Pastoral Care class will receive the Kensington Cup to display in their classroom. 

The Student Representative Council (SRC) members were elected. Students, Elora and Amelia received these prestigious leadership positions. Congratulations girls, we look forward to the exciting ideas and activities that you will share with the Year 10s and the College.

Student wellbeing has been a major focus within the College this term, and will continue throughout the year. Year 10 is fortunate to have two Wellbeing Ambassadors, Pia and Emily, who have been developing ways for Year 10 students to be Connected, Resilient, Optimistic, Persistent and Self-Assured (CROPS). One way in which the cohort have engaged in the CROPS values is by participating in a scavenger hunt organised by Pia and Emily. Laughter could be heard all over the College as the students completed a range of tasks.

This term, we were joined by six exchange students from St. Capitanio School, which is located in Seto, Japan. Over the three-week visit, the Year 10 students welcomed the St. Capitanio sisters into their classrooms and partook in an array of learning experiences both within and outside of the College. I thank the Mary MacKillop College Buddies, who supported, encouraged and made strong friendships with the St. Capitanio Students, as evident by the many gifts, tears, hugs and “until we meet again” exchanges at the farewell assembly.

A particular highlight and achievement of Term 1 is the fundraisers held by the Pastoral Care classes for Project Compassion. The total money raised by the Year 10 students was a phenomenal $804.95. The funds were raised through selling hot chips, cookies and hot cross buns, as well as a ‘guess the Easter egg amount’ competition. The money raised will help fund a variety of life-changing projects for disadvantaged youth by Caritas Australia.

As I conclude my time as Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinator for Term 1 to embark on my next exciting challenge, motherhood, I am thankful for the 11 weeks in which I had the opportunity to lead and support your daughters. It has been a pleasure to share the term with 76 young women who are engaged and enthusiastic in all aspects of College life.

I thank the Year 10 Pastoral Care teachers for supporting your daughters in their wellbeing, academia and activities this term. Their care, creativity and competitiveness is enjoyed across the year level, as well as their welcome smiles and sense of fun.

Term 2 will see Ms. Martina O’Connell take on the role of Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinator for the remainder of 2018. I know Ms. O’Connell will have the same enjoyment and enthusiasm in supporting your daughters as I have.

I wish the Year 10 cohort well for the remainder of the year, and encourage them to continue making a positive impact on Mary MacKillop College and to “find happiness in making others happy”.


Miescha Archibald
Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinator