From the Deputy Principal


As you read this week’s newsletter you will certainly get a taste of the richness of life at Mary MacKillop College in these past two weeks. The girls have been busy with all types of activities in amongst facing assignments, tests and presentations. I hope you enjoy reading about our Athletics Carnival, the St Joseph Feast Day Mass, the Leadership Induction, the Jubilee Celebration and so much more.

For me, a recent highlight was our Parent Night with cyber safety expert, Susan McLean. At times confronting, Susan raised parents and teachers' understanding of how the cyber world is experienced for our girls. It was challenging to hear what can be accessed by students, but also empowering as we learnt what apps to block and how other apps work. Susan's book, 'Sexts, Texts and Selfies - how to keep your children safe in the digital space' was purchased by many parents on the night.  In Chapter One, Susan draws attention to ‘Ten things you should know about cyberspace’ (p.8).  These include: 

  • Respect and responsibility;
  • Cyberspace is a public space;
  • Nothing can be totally deleted- your content is permanently online;
  • You are never anonymous online;
  • You always leave a digital footprint;
  • Manners maketh the man or woman; Passwords must never be shared; There is no such thing as a safe website or app;
  • Anyone can be anyone online;
  • There are laws in cyberspace (McLean, 2014).

Susan implores parents to step into the world of technology with their children. “When it comes to technology, be informed, be empowered and be in control” (p.14).  The book can be purchased online and on the Cyber Safety Solutions website.

Next week, we enter into the sacred time of Holy Week.  This is a time of prayer and reflection for all Christians as we contemplate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  We will begin the Easter Trilogy with a Holy Thursday Liturgy on Thursday morning. It will be led by Year 8 and 12 students and will provide an opportunity for the girls to gather in prayer and remembrance.  

As Easter approaches, I hope families find time to appreciate the world in which we live in, and the abundance of food, friendships and opportunities we have. May we give thanks to our God who leads us to goodness.


Helen Steele
Deputy Principal