CROPS - Wellbeing @ MMC by Emily & Pia


On Thursday 16 March, Year 10 students did a CROPS related Pastoral Care session. CROPS is an acronym for Connected, Resilient, Optimistic, Persistent and Self-assured. These are our wellbeing outcomes. We randomly split the Year 10 students into 11 groups. This allowed the students to spend time with people who they do not talk to or hang out with often. Each group was given a clue to a location in the school where an activity was waiting. The activities were chosen to be challenging and help the girls build the CROPS values. 

The value, connected was shown throughout all the activities, but was more evident in the activity where the students had to make a five minute play and build a cup tower. This is because both activities required groups to work together, and to share and evaluate each others' ideas. The group that had to write down their childhood role models were able to share their stories and the science group were able to share their work with the other students. 

Resilience was shown in the activity where students had to design a home for Turbo because originally they had drawn an average tank on an A3 piece of paper, but they still had 10 minutes. They were told to be more creative and colourful. They came back with a very colourful three page rocket. The girls that participated in the paper plane competition showed resilience because if their plane design failed then they had to improve it and try again. 

The activity where students had to write a song about Mary MacKillop or the 2018 College motto encouraged optimism. Students approached this task enthusiastically and produced amazing songs that blew everyone away. The activity where students had to do soccer kick ups was also positive. Throughout the whole 20 minutes, they all still had smiles on their faces. The activity where students had to draw portraits of each other saw the girls give it their all because you could see the detail and resemblance of the person they were trying to capture in their drawings. 

The girls also used persistence when completing these tasks as there were many difficult challenges that required a lot of determination and commitment. Some tasks that required a lot of persistence included soccer juggling, as the girls had to try and master multiple soccer juggles in a row; metal puzzles, which they had to manipulate using no force and the cooking activities, which pushed the girls to complete a recipe in the short amount of time they were given. 

The girls all used the CROPS quality, self-assured, in their tasks. It was important for the girls to believe in themselves when they were completing the activities. The activities that best highlighted this confidence included writing and performing an original song about Mary MacKillop to the entire cohort and creating a short play to perform to the other students. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Year 10 girls for their enthusiasm when participating in the scavenger hunt. The girls demonstrated all of the CROPS qualities. We have faith that the girls will be able to translate each of these skills into their day to day lives from now on.


Emily & Pia
Year 10 Students