Year 8 Camp


Last week, the annual Year 8 Camp was held at El Shaddai. The camp was conducted from Wednesday 21 February to Friday 23 February. 

Students participated in many diverse activities which allowed them to step outside of their comfort zone, embrace new experiences, build confidence, trust in and respect others and themselves, and take opportunities to enhance their social, physical and emotional development.

Raft making taught the girls how to design and create a float worthy raft using empty containers and rope, and urged them to take initiative. The girls put their newfound abilities and skills to the test as they carefully dragged their rafts into the river and climbed on. Many cheers were heard as the students set sail. However, there was laughter and scrambling when the girls' rafts gradually fell apart and when they realised their only option was to ‘abandon ship’.

The canoeing session provided a peaceful and comfortable ride down the river, even though the inexperience had some students initially paddling around in circles or into the grassy reeds.

Always a major hit, the Giant Swing, had the girls breathless. The girls ‘volunteered‘ to be hoisted high above the ground, and then reluctantly self-activated their swing. The rock climbing and vertical challenge also challenged some students’ fear of heights.

On Wednesday night, the dining room was transformed into an arena where the Omnibus Cup Quiz challenged each class to work in teams to test their knowledge. The cup sits proudly in the 8 Blue classroom for Term 1. On Thursday, we were very privileged to be joined by the Year 11 Peer Support Leaders. They created a carnival atmosphere, leading the girls in cooperative team activities.

I would like to commend all Year 8 students and Year 11 Peer Support Leaders for their willingness to participate in the many challenging activities and for the way they cared for each other. A sincere thank you to the staff who attended, for their enthusiasm and support of an event which is, without doubt, a highlight of Year 8 but is also an unforgettable treasure of memories at Mary MacKillop College. 


Ms Ida Parente
Year 8 Pastoral Care Coordinator