From the Director of Curriculum


It has been a busy four weeks as we have welcomed the girls and begun our learning. We are looking forward to another exciting year of teaching and learning, along with our College activities.  If, during the year, you have any queries regarding the teaching and learning of your daughter, or subject selection please do not hesitate to contact me.

SEQTA Engage

At the end of last year, you would have received a flyer indicating our roll out of SEQTA Engage. You most likely would have also heard your daughter mention SEQTA, the College’s Learning Management System. Next week, you will receive an email welcoming you to SEQTA Engage, the parent portal of this system.

The best way for you to access the portal will be to download the app on your smartphone and log in using the QR code you received in the email last week. You will be able to access your daughter’s timetable, receive her report, view her results for assessments, and direct message school staff and access school documents from this portal. You may also log in via the SEQTA Engage website.

As we increasingly move our school correspondence to email and use SEQTA Engage, it is imperative that the College has a current email address for you. This is to ensure that you receive this email. If you change your email address, please contact the College directly to have it updated.

Careers & Pathways

Commencing this fortnight, each newsletter will contain a careers and pathways article that outlines course offerings in VET, important dates and information regarding future pathways and tertiary study, and any short courses that may be available. This detail is also emailed to all students in year 10, 11 & 12. Please take the time to discuss these options with your daughter. You may contact me via phone or email to discuss career or pathway options in more detail.


As of 2018, the College has become a “Bring Their Own Device” school. In the report envelope posted home at the end of 2017 for current Year 9 – 12 students, a letter and agreement form was sent home for families to read and for students and families to sign and return. This agreement outlines the school expectations in regards to using their own device at school and allowing them to access our school network safely. This agreement will be valid for all their years at the College.

I ask you to read this carefully, discuss important aspects with your daughter and then sign and return the agreement form.

If you have any queries regarding our ICT, please do not hesitate to contact me or Mr Allan Rodda, the school’s Network Manager via

Cathy Swain
Director of Curriculum