e-Safety at MacKillop


The use of technology and, in particular, social media has been in the news a lot recently. At Mary MacKillop College we take all kinds of safety very seriously! Our students are constantly reminded about their own safety and being a responsible citizen in society, both online and off. 

On Tuesday 6 February, we acknowledged Safer Internet Day by taking an individual pledge to which we signed our names. This pledge covered three things. First, that we would never post a picture/video of someone without getting their permission and that we would never put their personal information online. Second, we acknowledged that everyone is different and that their opinions may be different to our own. We undertook never to say something online that we would not be prepared to say to them face-to-face and in public. Third, we undertook to follow one of Mrs Kath McGuigan’s cyber hints, to put our mobile phones on Flight Mode at night. This prevents that ‘pinging’ noise that can keep us awake – thanks Mrs McGuigan!

Within Pastoral Care and other subjects the teaching staff will continue to assist the girls to protect themselves in the ever changing world of technology. To this end, the College has an E-Smart Committee. This committee is working hard to ensure that we all keep up with safety issues online. At present the committee is doing a gap-analysis of College policy and initiatives, and we are pleased to say that we have not found many areas where cyber safety is not being addressed at College level.

In the past, we have had experts speak to our students and parents as well, including the Carly Ryan Foundation. On the evening of Thursday 8 March, we have invited Susan McLean, a Cyber Safety expert, to the College to address parents. We strongly urge all parents to attend this important seminar. In the meantime, please encourage your daughters to continue to be excellent digital citizens. If you ask nicely they might even share with you a tip or two!

Elena Tatarelli, Shauna Fragomeli & Kathy Ayliffe
The E-Smart Committee