From the Deputy Principal


The school year has begun with all of the excitement, ritual and celebration we have come to expect at Mary MacKillop College. The Year 8 and 12 students had their first day of the school year together, led by their Pastoral Care Coordinators and Teachers. During a small ceremony, Year 12 students received their senior badge and Year 8 students receive the Lily pin. These outward signs of being a MacKillop girl remind each student that they belong to a family who will nurture them during their years at the College and beyond.  The girls enjoyed meeting each other in the ‘sister’ activity and both groups relished in the unfolding week. 

Our Student Leadership Team returned from their training days at the Monastery filled with motivation, plans and ideas to help MacKillop girls achieve their very best.  A highlight for Week 1 was our Swimming Carnival which landed on a most perfect summer’s day and saw our girls take to the pool, cheering with gusto and swimming with style.  Our Beginning of Year Mass was a time to acknowledge our high academic achievements for 2017.  Mrs Fiona Dorman, Vice President from the National Council of Women spoke to the girls, providing them with insights into remaining focussed and achieving goals.  All of these events mark the beginning of the year in a way that ritualises our hopes and dreams for the girls as they undertake their studies.

As always there is much on the calendar for Term 1 and I encourage you take a close look at the community calendar.  Year 8 and 9 girls have camp and there is a Parent Night for Year 8 parents, just to name a few.  Later in the term we have Susan McLean coming to speak about cybersafety and we look forward to meeting parents from across all year levels at this event.

I take this opportunity to remind families about two important issues.

  • Please be mindful that High Street is a very small road and can easily become congested.  There are parking and road rules that should be followed and we ask for your cooperation in this matter.
  • Students have been asked to keep their mobile phones securely out of sight during the school day.  For this reason we urge parents not to make contact via social media or phone during the school day. If you need her to get a message, please contact Student Services.

MacKillop girls are connected, resilient, optimistic, persistent and self-assured.  As teachers in the school community we aim to lead the girls in developing these qualities as they undertake their studies and engage in school life. I look forward to the year ahead and the many opportunities that await in which to celebrate your daughters. 

Helen Steele
Deputy Principal