MMC Swimming Carnival


From the Sport Coordinator

Sunshine, swimming, cheering,  green aliens, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, yellow bumble bees and blue under the sea creatures was the perfect combination for the MMC Swimming carnival held on Friday February 3 of week one. Our Sport Captains started off the day with an entertaining opening ceremony which was soon followed by countless loud cheers and of course many swimming races and novelty events. 

We congratulate the following age group Champions and runners up:

  • U/14 Runner Up: Abbey Shrestha and Lillian Ernst
  • U/14 Champion: Ava Reynolds
  • U/15 Runner Up: Antoinette Del Giacco
  • U/15 Champion: Jada Lynn
  • U/16 Runner Up: Mackenzie Reynolds
  • U/16 Champion: Tess Shrestha
  • 16+ Runner Up: Elicia Baldwin
  • 16+ Champion: Michaela Matthews

Alexander House under the guidance and leadership of Captain Danielle D’Angelo, were the Spirit Award winners for 2017 after having cheered, sang and danced all day long.
This year saw a very close competition for the overall winner with only five point’s difference between 1st and 2nd place. The results were: 

  • 4th position: Alexander with 390 points
  • 3rd position: Flora with 471 points
  • 2nd position: Tappeiner with 503 
  • 1st position: Tenison with 508 points

Congratulations to all members of Tenison and Captain, Jacinda.

The bar has once again been raised by MacKillop under the excellent leadership of our four House Captains, Jacinda, Margot, Danielle and Isabella. We look forward with excitement to the Athletics Carnival on Friday Week 7 and of course I cannot wait to see what else is in store for the rest of 2017.

Kate Marks
Sports Coordinator