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Year 12 Art Show


On Friday 4 November we celebrated the Year 12 Art Show. A wonderful evening was had by all as teachers, parents, students and members of the community enjoyed the artwork on display. 

The Year 12 course consists of 3 major components. Students develop folio work, which gives insight into the development of ideas and how students arrive at their final practical pieces.  The visual study is the external component of the course and 20 pages of a topic related to the arts are researched visually. Students then produce either 2 final practical pieces or a body of resolved work. All their hard work comes together in the final practical pieces.

The Year 12s reflected on individual concepts and developed beautiful pieces of work. Themes observed were family, nostalgia, nature, identity, war, love and friendship. These connections to their lives were pivotal in the production of their creative interpretations.

Congratulations to all the Year 12 Art students who worked hard this year to develop creative, personal and moving pieces of artwork.

Linda Di Blasio
Year 12 Art Teacher