MacKillop Girls 'Light Up'


Hi everyone, I’m Loren and I’m running for Prefect in 2017. I planned to write my little speech last night but as I quickly discovered, literally EVERYTHING in my house relies on electricity, which SPARKED a thought on how I would present myself to you today.

I would be a good Prefect because I will never leave you in the dark. I will POWER through any challenges that may come before me and stay up to date with all the CURRENT issues of our school and wider community. 

I’m a real BUNDLE OF ENERGY and I promise that I will LIGHT UP the room with my optimism and positive energy. I’ll stay SWITCHED ON through all the tough times and bring AMPLITUDE of ideas to next year’s Senior Student Leadership Team. 

Finally, as a Prefect, I will always be more reliable than SA’s electricity. 

So vote for me, Lozzy G and I promise to make next year LIT.

Year 11 Student