Law Courts Excursion Report - by Year 11 Student Alana


On Wednesday 21 September, both the Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies classes, along with teachers Mr Branson and Ms Ayliffe, went on an excursion visit to the Adelaide Magistrates and District Courts of South Australia. 

Upon arrival at the Adelaide Magistrates Court, we were greeted by the Courts Education Officer, Peter Cavouras, who directed us immediately to courtrooms so we could witness some interesting cases and the full court proceedings…and they were very interesting! This was a great experience, as we were able to fully understand the role of both the police prosecutor and the defendant, as well as the judge, law clerk and sheriff’s officers. We viewed many matters including the police prosecutor perform a bible “swearing” so the judge was able to issue a warrant for an arrest. 

After meeting up with Peter Cavouras to answer any questions and a short lunch break in the central markets, we visited the Sir Samuel Way Building of the District Courts. Here, we viewed a bail application which was a completely new experience, even for Mr Branson and Ms Ayliffe!! The formality of the District Court compared to the Magistrates Court was clear from the general appearance of the courtrooms, and the mannerisms of the judge and lawyers. We found it fascinating and exciting!

We thoroughly enjoyed the excursion as it gave us an insight into court proceedings, and enabled us to further understand what we had learnt in class. 

Year 11 Student