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My Performance in China - By Year 11 student Margot


When I was younger I would go down the slide head first while all of the other children stepped back saying, ‘That looks dangerous!.’ Some of my earliest memories of me are climbing over my cousins and seeing how high I could get. I would always ask dad if I could walk "up him" and do a back sault off and when he said that I was getting too big I found some other people who could throw me around. 

After joining Cirkidz at age 5, my love of flying through the air was kindled further. I have been fortunate to perform at the Adelaide Convention Centre, street performances throughout Adelaide, regional tours within Australia and The Fringe earlier this year. 

After winning the 'Best Emerging Artist' award for the 2016 Adelaide Fringe, my company ‘Time in Space Circus’ was asked to perform our show ‘Non-stop’ at Quindao in China in July. 

After handstands on the conveyor belts in the airport, human pyramids in the hotel pool, acrobatics and tumbling on the rooftop and a scary car ride, we finally took to the Royal Adelaide Club venue within the Quindao Beer festival to perform ‘Non-stop’. We brought in our crowds with three 8pm shows seen by the Mayor of Adelaide, Chinese dignitaries and hundreds of others. For me, performing in China bridged the culture gap between Adelaide and the sister city of Quindao. I am grateful to have had an opportunity like this. My hunger to get better has never been stronger. 

Year 11 Student