Poetry in Action


Someone once wrote that “Poetry is thoughts that breathe” and after the performance that students in Years 8 – 10 attended on Friday 19 August each and every audience member would most definitely agree.

2016 marks the second year that Poetry in Action has performed at the College and the company once again fulfilled its promise to provide “the rare opportunity to see poetry brought to life through performance.” By engaging a talented team of professionally trained actors to perform classical and contemporary poems, our students were exposed to various forms of poetry while exploring how well-crafted poetic techniques have enhanced their communication. 

The actors, Skylar, Carl and Kristy, performed the script The Power of Poetry in which they interspersed classical and contemporary poems from Australia and around the globe, to find a missing fellow actor. From “The Man From Snowy River” by Banjo Paterson, to “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg , to “Lose Yourself” by Eminem,  to  “Skin 2” by Shane Koyczan, our students  came to a new appreciation of the craft of poetry writing and why this genre of literature has stood the test of time.

After the performance our students participated in a Q&A session in which they asked questions about acting, remembering lines for performances, favourite poems and embarrassing performance moments. Skylar, Carl and Kristy commented that our students were one of the best school groups to whom they had performed and the questions they asked were insightful and entertaining. 

Students who are passionate about poetry writing were left with the challenge to enter their work on the Poetry in Action website ( ) where  they could receive a monetary prize of $500.00  and have their poem performed in the 2017 Poetry in Action programme.  

Mini Del Corso
English Learning Area Leader

Below are a few student reflections from the day.

“I thought the performance was absolutely hilarious. It was well planned with great actors, maybe even more skilled than the Hollywood actors we see on screen. The group was very positive and answered, both comically and honestly, the questions that were asked to them. Thank you.” Sky

“I thought the Poetry in Action performance had lots of funny moments especially from Kristy. I thought the performance had lots of good example of poetry and what’s in various poems. I also thought that message of performance was easy to understand.” Isabella 

“The poets that came today were very funny and I think the girls next year will love them. I know I will.” Bianca

“I thought the performance was very good and I enjoyed the humour. My friends and I really enjoyed it.” Aoibh