From the Principal


It has been a busy term, full of many events, learning opportunities and achievements. In this final week of Term 1, I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard to make this term so successful. I look forward to seeing everyone with renewed energy and vigour next term.

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From the Deputy Principal


As the term comes to a close, let us take this time to offer thanks for all that has unfolded over the last 11 weeks. The list is endless and I encourage parents to reflect with their daughters on what they have appreciated, enjoyed or valued about being a MacKillop girl. Hopefully in your conversation, opportunities to offer gratitude arise; least not to you as parents and caregivers of our girls. 

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From the Director of Curriculum


End of Term Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews for Years 8 to 11

As we wind up what has been a very busy term, I hope all families and students in Years 8 to 11 have accessed their mid-semester reports, which have been uploaded to SEQTA Engage. 

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From the Religious Education Coordinator


Holy Thursday Liturgy

On Thursday 29 March, the College gathered together to listen and to reflect upon the last few hours of the life of Jesus. Our Year 8 and 12 sisters led us through Jesus’ last journey as an earthly being.

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St Capitanio Exchange Program


Over the past three weeks, Mary MacKillop College was fortunate to host six Japanese exchange students from St Capitanio School, located in Seto, Japan.

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From the Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinator


Term 1 has been a rich, engaging and fun-filled few months for the Year 10 Cohort.

The Kensington Cup, named by competition winner, Mia, was introduced at the commencement of the school year. Throughout this term, the Year 10 students competed for the award, earning points in a variety of ways including Pastoral Care activities, fundraisers and student commendations. Each term, the points will be tallied and the winning Pastoral Care class will receive the Kensington Cup to display in their classroom.

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SchoolTV - Physical Activity & Exercise


In the last decade, children's participation in physical activity and exercise has been in decline. In this digital age, children are using computers and mobile devices, not only for learning, but for relaxation and recreation purposes. This sedentary behaviour is having a detrimental effect on today's youth. The key is finding the balance.

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From the Principal


Last Saturday, I attended the Eucharistic Celebration for the Sisters of St Joseph who have given many years of service. We would like to draw your attention to Sr Joan Barry, a former Principal of Mary MacKillop College, who celebrated 75 years of service and Sr Margaret Hehir who also worked at the College and visits us regularly. Sr Margaret celebrated 60 years of service.

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From the Deputy Principal


As you read this week’s newsletter you will certainly get a taste of the richness of life at Mary MacKillop College in these past two weeks. The girls have been busy with all types of activities in amongst facing assignments, tests and presentations. I hope you enjoy reading about our Athletics Carnival, the St Joseph Feast Day Mass, the Leadership Induction, the Jubilee Celebration and so much more.

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From the Sports Coordinator


Tappeiner once again claims victory at the 2018 Mary MacKillop College Athletics Carnival.

On Friday 16 March, staff and students, dressed as witches and wizards, joined together to embrace the Harry Potter theme at this year’s annual Athletics Carnival. The four houses enthusiastically adapted to their Harry Potter themed house for the day; Gryffindor (Alexander), Hufflepuff (Tenison), Slytherin (Tappeiner) and Ravenclaw (Flora). 

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