What is Academic Excellence?


From the Director of Curriculum

The focus of some of our College Assemblies in 2016 was Academic Excellence. To explore what this actually meant I, of course, Googled the concept and found some interesting reflections from the University of California which I shared with the students.

Capacity Building: The World is our Classroom


In 2014, Mary MacKillop College embarked on a four week expedition with World Challenge and Reynella East College to Vietnam and Cambodia. Our objective was to build capacity, the capacity of our own students through learning from different cultures and taking responsibility for their expedition.

The students raised  ...

Destination Discovery – Why travelling for teenagers is so much more than just a trip.


It’s 5am on a Wednesday morning and I am standing in the middle of Adelaide Airport, surrounded by 17 teenagers being embraced by their families as they say one last “goodbye, stay safe and good luck”, before embarking on the trip of a lifetime to Japan.  ...

Top 8 Teen Buttons


At the recent Year 9, 10 & 11 Parent Evening, guest speaker, Ms Vina Hotich, addressed the audience by identifying ways to enable teenagers to express their stress, anger and other strong emotions whilst maintaining respect and a positive connection.

1. Instant  ...

2015 Dux, Kylie, Shares her Acceptance Speech


Good morning Gess Carbone, Sisters of St Joseph, Mrs McGuigan, distinguished guests, parents, staff, and students. I am honoured to be the College Dux of 2015 and it is my greatest pleasure to be here with you today. 

I would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to  ...