Year 7 in a secondary setting

Mary MacKillop College is ready now!

Time for change

Catholic Education South Australia has made a commitment to move Year 7 to the secondary setting. Mary MacKillop College will make the change in 2019.  Currently South Australia is the only state where Year 7s undertake their education in a primary setting.

Our girls deserve the very best educational opportunities that we can provide

At the heart of a Josephite Education is a commitment to every child and a focus on their educational, spiritual and emotional needs.

As a Catholic school founded in the tradition of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Mary MacKillop College welcomes students of all abilities and potential. We welcome students from Catholic families and those of other faith traditions. The College is conscious of Australia's multi-cultural society and celebrates the diversity of the cultural and socio-economic backgrounds of our students.

A Year 7 education designed for girls

  • Specialist teachers and specialised facilities with a focus on how girls learn best. 
  • Our girls thrive in an affirming environment that encourages leadership and supports their developing social and emotional needs.
  • MacKillop Girls become skilful, knowledgeable and active learners. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Year 7 at MMC?
We believe young people are ready for the learning opportunities provided in a secondary setting. Access to specialist staff and facilities will promote a greater depth of learning, challenge and growth. At this age, socially and emotionally, young people are ready for more independence and can further their learning with specialist teachers in specialist facilities. Promoting Year 7 to secondary school places South Australia in line with the rest of the nation and allows us to fall in line with the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) which bands together Year 7 and Year 8.


What will the fees be for Year 7?
Year 7 fees at  will be comparable to the Year 7 fees in 2019 at our local Parish Schools with a secondary school loading which considers the secondary nature of the educational programs, co-curricular offerings and facilities.
Mary MacKillop College offers a sibling discount which applies if you have two or more children attending Mary MacKillop College. A discount also applies if you have a child enrolled at a Catholic primary school in our region. Please see our fee information on our website for further information.

Families experiencing financial difficulty in meeting the fee payment requirements of the College are supported through the College’s fee policy.


What will the Year 7 Curriculum look like?
At Mary MacKillop College all students study Religious Education, English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education. Students are also able to choose from a range of electives; Art, Drama, Music, Dance, Digital Technologies, Home Economics and specialist sport programs.


What is Year 7 Pastoral Care?
At Mary MacKillop College we believe in the uniqueness of each young person and honour the gifts and talents that each girl brings to our school community. A designated Year 7 Pastoral Care Coordinator will be assigned to look after the Year 7 cohort. This Pastoral Care Coordinator will develop strong relationships with both parents and Year 7 students and will lead a team of dedicated teachers who will be committed to the health and wellbeing of each student.

Year 7 students will have a pastoral Care Teacher who they will see at the beginning of every school day. These teachers will mentor students to assist in their holistic development, their relationship with their faith, their social skills and their involvement in the community.

Two key teachers will work closely with one class to deliver a combination of the core subjects, while a number of specialist teachers will deliver subjects that are not delivered by the key teachers.


What will the induction process be?
Mary MacKillop College takes great pride in welcoming new families to the College community. Our welcome includes:

  • A number of parent evenings including a 'Meet the Pastoral Care teacher' meeting.
  • A Transition Day for Year 7 students prior to the school year.
  • The first day of the school year dedicated to getting to know each other, the school surrounds and procedures.
  • A welcome assembly.
  • A camp that provides opportunities to meet other students, gain independence, develop teamwork and communication skills.
  • This transition process includes a number of Parent Information Nights and New Parent Evenings held to assist in developing the important partnership between school and home.


A welcome to MacKillop girls

Our current MacKillop girls look forward to welcoming Year 7 MacKillop girls. Watch this video developed by our Student Leaders to welcome your daughter to the College.

We warmly invite you to visit our College