Stationery and Textbook Orders

All stationery supplies are ordered directly through Campion Education using their online ordering system. Textbooks for Year 7 - 10 are purchased directly through Jacaranda for the e-textbook digital bundle.

Stationery and Textbook Orders

Stationery - Campion Education

To view the booklists for each year level and place an order please visit the Campion Education website.

Alternatively you can pick up an order form from the Front Office.

Further information regarding the book lists and ordering process is available by contacting Campion Education directly on (08) 8337 4544 or email


e-Textbooks - Jacaranda

For students in Year 7 - 10, the Jacaranda Digital Bundle has been chosen as the e-textbook provision for 2019. The Jacaranda Digital Bundle is a high-value package that provides access to 15 premium digital resources across nine core curriculum subjects. The cost of the Jacaranda Digital Bundle including processing fee is $114.95 per child, per year.

As the Jacaranda Parent Payment Portal is now closed, families will need to contact Jacaranda’s Customer Service team as soon as possible, on 1800 522 758, to make a phone payment.