Curriculum Enrichment

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At Mary MacKillop College, we recognise that Giftedness is the potential a student has, to perform in an outstanding or exceptional way.

Through the Curriculum Enrichment Program, Mary MacKillop College strives to engage students identified as gifted and talented or as high achievers, students with specific talents or those with special interests in a variety of activities both at the college and off campus.  

Mary MacKillop College identifies girls who require acceleration and extension in a number of ways:
  • After careful consideration of the individual students needs and discussion with the parents and teachers, a student may be accelerated to a higher Year Level in a particular subject.
  • To support a student’s suitability to be either accelerated or extended a teacher must complete an Acceleration Referral Form after working with the student in a particular subject area.
  • The completed form and supporting documentation is then forwarded to the Director of Curriculum and the Principal for review and then a recommendation is made.

Mary MacKillop has an Inclusive Education Co-ordinator for the Curriculum Enrichment program who works across both the Middle and Senior School. The students who are accelerated are often placed in a class of the year level above their own in a particular subject area.

Class teachers extend all students through open-ended activities, problem solving, critical thinking skills, Blooms Taxonomy approach, Edward De Bono’s thinking skillsand classroom based enrichment activities.

The following activities are opportunities to extend students with high intellectual potential:

  • National Mathematics, Science, English and Computing Competitions
  • Tournament of Minds
  • Independent Schools’ Mathematics Competition
  • Rostrum SA Voice of Youth
  • Extended Curriculum Group Workshops
  • GTCASA Workshops

Extended Curriculum Group

Mary MacKillop is a member of the Extended Curriculum Group (Parade Cluster), along with Adelaide High School, Blackfriars Priory, Rostrevor College, Pembroke School, Concordia College, St Dominic’s Priory, Norwood Morialta High School, St Mary’s College and Wilderness School.

The group’s intention is to plan and implement an inter-school programme which offers extensions of the usual curriculum for students. These activities are either carried out at one of the above schools or at a South Australian Tertiary Institution or another suitable venue. 


The College is also a member of the Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of South Australia, this organisation also offers regular Youth Workshops (Years 8, 9 and 10), whereby the students who are accelerated are nominated to attend various  workshops.

Seasons for Growth

The College offers a very successful educational program called Season for Growth. It is a unique program available to all students and is delivered in small groups of 8-10 and is based on research that highlights the importance of social support. The program focuses on issues such as self esteem, managing feelings, problem solving, decision making, effective communication and support networks. 

National Competitions: Science, Languages, Mathematics and English

Mary MacKillop College students are encouraged to participate in a range of National Curriculum Competitions. These provide challenging activities that not only extend student thinking but also allow students to test their abilities against a larger reference group.
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