From the Chair of the Board


Happy New Year and welcome to 2019 at Mary MacKillop College. We move forward this year with hope and gratitude. Indeed 2019 marks a significant chapter in the Mary MacKillop College story. The College has realised a strategy foreshadowed some years ago.

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From the Principal


Welcome back to Mary MacKillop College and a very warm welcome to all of our new students and families. We have been delighted in particular to see the beaming and nervous faces of our Year 7 and Year 8 students.

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From the Deputy Principal


The school year has begun with a sense of excitement and anticipation as new MacKillop girls and their families join the school community. With ritual, tradition and welcome, all students and staff have settled into the daily routine of early rising, love of learning, friendships and fun.

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Immunisation for Parents of Year 8, 10 and 11 Students


The SA School Immunisation Program will be offered at your school by Eastern Health Authority (EHA).

Immunisation consent packs will be sent home shortly with all year 8, 10 and 11 students.

All parents/legal guardians are required to complete, sign and return the Consent Cards, even if you do not consent for the student to be vaccinated at school.

If you do not receive an Immunisation Consent pack from your child please ask at the school office.

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From the Director of Curriculum


Welcome to 2019. I would like to wish a very special welcome to our new students and families. It has been a busy two weeks as we have welcomed the girls and begun our learning. We are looking forward to another exciting year of teaching and learning, along with our College activities.

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Careers & Pathways


This Careers and Pathways bulletin will be sent to students fortnightly via email, in the school newsletter and will also be available on the Career’s Portal Page on SEQTA

Students can obtain further information about careers and pathways from the careers noticeboard or from the brochures available in the upstairs corridor.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Swain at any time to discuss careers or pathways or any information in this bulletin. You can make an appointment via Mrs Cirocco at

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From the Chair of the Board


Sunday marked the beginning of Advent, a time for preparation and reflection. Advent aligns perfectly with the school calendar. We reflect on the year gone by, the challenges, opportunities and achievements and we prepare for what is to come.

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From the Principal


We have a great deal to celebrate this year. Our theme for the year was ‘Find happiness in making others happy’, which is attributed to Mary MacKillop in 1899. This was Mary inspiring us all to help others and in that way - we will find true happiness. A life of service to Mary was a meaningful and purposeful life.

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From the Deputy Principal


The school year has quickly come to a close and we find ourselves giving thanks as we remember a year of learning, discovery, joy and success. MacKillop girls have had many opportunities to involve themselves in a rich school life experience.

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Year 8 & 9 Asian Adventure


On Monday 3 December and Tuesday 4 December, the Year 8 and 9 cohorts had the amazing pleasure of adventuring into a new continent. Our hallways and stairs transformed into trains and planes as we explored Asia.

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