From the Chair of the Board


Sunday marked the beginning of Advent, a time for preparation and reflection. Advent aligns perfectly with the school calendar. We reflect on the year gone by, the challenges, opportunities and achievements and we prepare for what is to come.

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From the Principal


We have a great deal to celebrate this year. Our theme for the year was ‘Find happiness in making others happy’, which is attributed to Mary MacKillop in 1899. This was Mary inspiring us all to help others and in that way - we will find true happiness. A life of service to Mary was a meaningful and purposeful life.

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From the Deputy Principal


The school year has quickly come to a close and we find ourselves giving thanks as we remember a year of learning, discovery, joy and success. MacKillop girls have had many opportunities to involve themselves in a rich school life experience.

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Year 8 & 9 Asian Adventure


On Monday 3 December and Tuesday 4 December, the Year 8 and 9 cohorts had the amazing pleasure of adventuring into a new continent. Our hallways and stairs transformed into trains and planes as we explored Asia.

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From the Principal


By the end of this week the SACE examinations will be over and we will be celebrating the Class of 2018 at the Graduation Dinner. We are so proud of our students. We know that they have worked hard and they deserve some time now for rest and relaxation.

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From the Deputy Principal


Today, we held our Good News Assembly and it was an hour of stories, inspiration, laughter and celebration.  Led by members of the Student Leadership Team, we acknowledged Reading, Mathematics, Poetry, Visual Art and Science. The Sports Captains promoted our Swimming Carnival and Maddie delighted us with a solo performance on the piano. 

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From the Religious Education Coordinator


Remembrance Day

On Friday 12 November, our school community gathered for a Remembrance Day Prayer Service to acknowledge those who have been impacted by war throughout history.

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ANSTO Big Ideas Forum


Here is a link to the speech and powerpoint presented to the College community by Jasmine and Gurleen about ANSTO at our Good News Assembly.

A huge thank you to Ms Thomas for taking the girls to the ANSTO Big Ideas Forum in Sydney. 

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From the Principal


One of the books that I try to read on a daily basis is Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. It draws on the wisdom of early philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Plato.

“Philosophy attracts introverts. The study of human nature can make you aware of other people’s faults and can breed contempt for others. So do struggle and difficulty – they isolate us from the world”.

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From the Deputy Principal


Last week, we enjoyed the good company of students from Rostrevor College as we celebrated the Collage of Migration. This event is indeed a highlight on the school calendar as we delight in hearing the stories of grandparents and parents who migrated to South Australia.

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